Southern Star Communications, Inc.

Don't let technology intimidate you. Many companies could benefit from a professional business communications system or automated attendant but it can be difficult to know where to start. We can research your company's needs and suggest solutions customized specifically for your business. Our technical staff has over 40 years experience in the business telephone industry, so we have seen what works and what doesn't. We can offer efficient ways for your business to utilize current and future technologies.

Our team has designed hundreds of systems across the country and has resources nationwide. We utilize our many years of experience to create a well-designed communication system that enhances the value of your company by empowering employees to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

System Installation
Installing a new system involves much more than making the physical wiring connections. Proper planning, coordination with your staff, execution, training, documentation and cutover support make system transitions smooth and seamless as possible. Our experience of performing hundreds of installations gives our team the insight to help you avoid costly mistakes during this critical period.

System  Expansion
Is your existing system "maxed out"? What are the alternatives? What technologies will you need in the future? We will discuss honestly your options to help you arrive at a decision that meets your need for growth, both in size and system features.

Does your telephone system or computer network have intermittent issues that continue to plague you? Do you have a system that has never worked correctly? What does system downtime cost you as employees sit idle waiting for the phone system to "come back up"?

We will work with you to assess and correct improper installations and faulty system programming to enable your technology to work for you. A structured troubleshooting methodology will pinpoint the underlying issues to eliminate finger pointing, "Band-Aid" fixes and expensive system downtime. Your employees' meter is running even when your system isn't.

Cable and Connection Rework
Does your telephone or data network suffer from either old, damaged or poorly installed cabling or connections? Industry estimates indicate that poor design and implementation of cable facilities account for up to 50% of all LAN failures resulting in network downtime, lost productivity, poor network performance, idle resources and lost revenues. Reworking the existing telephone and network wiring, re-termination  and training your existing personnel can eliminate many issues and position your resources for more effective utilization in the future.